Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ESRI Blog on GIS in Libraries

ESRI "Geography Matters" Blog Promotes GIS in Libraries

ESRI, producers of GIS software, publishes a blog about GIS called "Geography Matters." In the latest article on the blog, GIS use in libraries is promoted: "Libraries and museums are centers of knowledge and learning.... Maps in print and digital form are an important part of any collection." The article describes the huge map collection at the Library of Congress and its creation of the Congressional Cartographic Program, "a one-stop GIS shop that provides GIS data and services to congressional personnel to assist in making better-informed public policy decisions." The library's cartographic and geograpic information is also available to the public. The article further promotes the use of GIS in all library collections: "Libraries and museums are realizing that a GIS can not only help organize their growing collections, but can help make the information more easily available to their communities."

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The Geospatial Center & Map Collection at Bracken Library is entering its fourth year of providing GIS services to the University and the community. Contact the GCMC for more information about using GIS and other cartographic and geographic information.

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