Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maps in the News: Iran

Maps in the News: Iran

The visit of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United Nations and Columbia University in New York this week once again placed Iran in the world news headlines. The Geospatial Resources & Map Collection is an excellent source for maps and atlases featuring countries all over the world, and the Collection includes a wide variety of maps of Iran.

One of the newest maps of Iran in the Map Collection is the Iran Country Profile created by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. This map features a large map of the country with inset maps showing regional physiography, ethnoreligious distribution, population density, key petroleum sector facilities, energy prospects, and a comparative map. The comparative map displays Iran stretching from South Dakota over to Michigan and down to Georgia as an overlay of a map of the United States.

Another map, Tourist Guide to Iran and Tehran, features popular attractions in the country and its capital city. The map gives information about the topography, the seas, the flora and fauna, government, climate, and population and cultural features. The map of Tehran (above) shows the locations of museums, schools, palaces, and other attractions. Images on the map (above) show amusement parks and sports stadiums.

Other geographic resources about Iran in the Collection include a map of mineral deposits in the country, a natural vegetation map, a map about a festival in Guilan Province, and maps of Abadan, Qum, Yazd, and other cities and provinces in Iran. Atlas d’Iran, Atlas of Iran White Revolution, and A Historical Atlas of Iran are also available in the Atlas Collection.

Maps from the GRMC check out for two weeks, and atlases check out for 28 days.

Contact the GRMC for more information about resources on Iran for research and learning.

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