Monday, January 28, 2008

More Online Tutorials Available from the GRMC

More Online Tutorials Available from the GRMC

New GIS and maps resources are available on the Geospatial Resources & Map Collection Web page. Two new online tutorials have been added to accompany the previous tutorials, Elements of a Map, Topographic Maps, and Using Maps and Atlases in Social Studies Lessons.

Students and faculty interested in learning more about GIS software can now access BusinessMAP Basics, a tutorial on the GRMC Web page. BusinessMAP 4.5 software is geared toward business and marketing tasks and was recently installed in the GIS lab in the GRMC to supplement existing GIS software.

The BusinessMAP Basics tutorial guides users through the basic functions of this new software and is supplemented by specific subject-oriented video tutorials created by ESRI that illustrate the tools being used in a project environment. Marketing and business faculty and students could use this tutorial to enhance classroom projects.

Users seeking information about geography can also access online map tutorials. These tutorials are of particular value for students for review, teachers for classroom instruction, and others who want to sharpen their map skills. The newest tutorial on the site is from the Maps and Cartography series: Map Projections. Map Projections teaches users about how maps are created using different map projections and provides examples of each type using maps from the Map Collection.

These online resources are available under the GIS and Maps and Atlases sections of the main GRMC Web page, After completing the tutorials, users are asked to provide feedback, including suggestions for topics of future tutorials.

For more information on these and other resources, contact the GRMC staff at 765-285-1097.

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