Thursday, May 08, 2008

April 2008 Events in the GRMC

April 2008 in the Geospatial Resources & Map Collection

Over 70 students in Geography 101 completed a semester-long classroom project, Fluvial-Focused Topographic Maps, using maps from the Geospatial Resources & Map Collection. Dr. David Call, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, worked with Melissa Gentry from the GRMC developing lessons using specific topographic maps. Students used new and historic maps to evaluate the development of flood-prone areas around the United States.

Melissa Gentry also provided a customized instructional session to students in Social Science 397, Elementary Social Studies Teaching Methods, for Brian Scott from the Department of History. The session showed students how to use maps and atlases in elementary lessons and classroom activities and games.

Angela Gibson, GIS Specialist, presented a specialized instructional session to students in Journalism 102 for Sheryl Swingley, Instructor in the Department of Journalism. This session showed students how to implement GIS mapping into news stories.

Students from the Indiana Academy also used maps from the GRMC to complete a classroom assignment on international rivers. Also students from the College of Architecture and Planning Environmental Design Studio and Architecture 100 completed final projects using GIS and maps from the GRMC during the month of April.

For more information about customized instructional sessions and classroom projects using resources from the GRMC, please contact the staff at 765/285-1097.

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