Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Delaware County GIS Web Page Available

Delaware County Launches New Public Access GIS Web Site

From the Delaware County GIS Office Newsletter:

Delaware County has launched a new GIS Web site with increased functionality, speed, and simplicity of use. The Beacon interactive public access tool provided by the Schneider Corporation allows users to view county and city information, public records and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data via an online portal. The site combines both web-based GIS and web-based reporting tools including CAMA (property database), assessment, and tax information into one user-friendly web application.

Delaware County will work with Schneider to incorporate the county’s new property database when it comes online in early 2009. (The GIS Office hopes) to provide additional property information through the site that has previously only been available on printed property cards such as information about structures, number of rooms, square footage, year built, assessed value and much more. Street-level photographs are planned to be added once they have been collected by the Assessor’s office. An automatic update process will be set in place that will ensure the property records, as well as any dynamic GIS data will be updated to the web site from the County’s GIS server on a nightly basis.

Currently, users can search by owner name, property address, or parcel number (13-digit PIN/Sidwell number). Search results, reports, and maps can be printed or saved as an Adobe Acrobat pdf with the ability to customize the print layout, title, and other elements. Users can also send web site links (URLs) to specific property records. The site allows users to select multiple properties on the map to create custom lists, which users will be able to download as a spreadsheet or mailing labels. Advanced selection tools will allow you to select parcels or other map features within a distance that the user specifies.

Additional functionality includes the ability to retrieve Section Corner Monument information and download the tie sheet surveys in a .pdf format. Several transportation GIS layers are available including traffic counts, average annual daily traffic, railroad crossings, road functional classification, and bridge inventory. The newly-created and recently officially approved Delaware County and City of Muncie zoning layer is also available. Two years of aerial photography is available, the 2005 12” resolution color photography, as well as the new 2008 6” resolution photography.

The Delaware County Geographic Information Systems Department Office Web page is located at . For more information, contact Kyle Johnson, GIS coordinator, at 765/213-1269.

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