Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Google Earth Available for Research and Learning

New Google Earth Dives into Ocean Exploration

Google Earth 5 was launched on Monday, February 2, just four years after the original launch of the software that allows users to access geographical information through digital maps and satellite photography. The new Google Earth 5 possesses a number of new features and tools that can be used as a valuable resource for education and research.

Google Earth 5 includes a feature called Google Ocean. This tool allows users to interact with three-dimensional maps of the ocean floor. Previously the water was inaccessible in Google Earth. Users can now dive into the ocean depths and view articles and videos about everything from global warming to footage of shipwrecks provided by the National Geographic Society, the British Broadcasting Company, and many other organizations. Scientific data and links provide a vast resource for students, educators, and researchers.

The new Google Earth also includes the Historical Imagery tool. This allows users to archive satellite images of individual locations to track environmental or other physical changes. Users can also view three-dimensional satellite images of Mars with the Google Mars 3D tool.

The new software can be downloaded for free on the Google Web page.

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