Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maps of Haiti Available from Ball State University Libraries

Maps of Haiti and Port-au-Prince Available in Ball State University Libraries

News reports have been devastating following the earthquake in Haiti yesterday. The Ball State University Libraries GIS Research & Map Collection (GRMC) includes a variety of maps of Haiti and the Caribbean Islands and maps depicting world earthquake zones.

A reproduction map of the island of Hispaniola from 1722 was published by Historic Urban Plans and is available for circulation from the GRMC. This colorful map features relief shown pictorially on the island. A map dating back to 1956 in the GRMC, Hispaniola: Urban and Rural Population Map, presents the population of Haiti and the Dominican Republic from 1950 statistics. Mapa de la Isla de Santo Domingo y Haiti por el General Cashmiro n de Moya is a map of Haiti and the Dominican Republic dating back to 1905. This original map corresponds with U.S. control of Dominican customs during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency.

The GRMC also includes a 2000 tourist map of Haiti and the Dominican Republic with inset maps of large cities, including Port-au-Prince. The map shown above of Port-au-Prince and Petion-Ville is a guide map published in 1978. The map was published by the Nader Art Gallery in Port-au-Prince, which features the art of many Haitians. The map marks points of interest like the U.S. embassy, cathedrals, museums, theaters, and hotels and shows the distance to the Nader Gallery show room. (Click on the map to enlarge).

Nautical charts included in the GRMC also depict the coastline of Haiti. A large collection of maps and atlases of the Caribbean Islands detail the larger area. Maps showing seismic activity in the region and around the world are also available from the GRMC, including a map of global seismic activity from 1970-1996. Earthquake digital data is also available in the GRMC in CD-ROM format.

Maps from the GRMC circulate for two weeks or longer. Atlases circulate for four weeks or longer.

Please contact the GRMC at 765/285-1097 for more information about these or any other cartographic resources.

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You may be interested in the current geological and hydrological and transportation maps available from the US Army Geospatial Center, from Ft. Belvoir, VA. They can be seen at: