Thursday, June 05, 2014

History of Ball State University Libraries

Throwback Thursday:  Bracken Library Original Floor Plan Maps

The Ball State University Libraries’ Bracken Library opened in 1975.  At that time the Library did not include even one computer, so the layout of the building has changed drastically over time as shown on these original floor plan maps (click to enlarge) published for the Library’s opening.

The lower level of Bracken Library in 1975 included “Continuations” and “Instructional Development and University Evaluations” offices.  The area where Educational Resources exists has been reconfigured today to include a computer lab area.  And the Music Listening Center space today was a “Film and Equipment Booking Counter” in 1975.

The first floor of Bracken Library in 1975 included an after-hours study area that allowed smoking (see pipe icon).  The space housing inter-library loan offices today was a classroom and study area. 

Bracken Library’s second floor in 1975 included two smoking areas—one conveniently located next to the Map Collection, which was located where the Dean’s office exists today.  Government Publications were housed in the area where the GIS Research and Map Collection is currently located.

The third floor of Bracken Library in 1975 included typing rooms.  The current location of the Library Information Technology Services offices was the Music Listening Center in 1975.  Two smoking areas were also available.

The fourth floor of Bracken Library has remained mostly unchanged since 1975, with the exception of the smoking area and the Stoeckel Archives (where Archives storage is located today).  And computers have been added to every floor of Bracken Library since its opening in 1975.

The Archives and Special Collections in Bracken Library includes a vast collection of these floor plans and other original documents from the history of Ball State University.  For more information, contact the Archives at 765-285-5078 or the GIS Research and Map Collection at 765-285-1097.

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