Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Game of Thrones Map

Interactive Game of Thrones Map

The finale of season five of the wildly popular series “Game of Thrones” aired on Sunday.  And now an interactive map of the show is available online.

Sean Garvey, a consultant from the GIS software publisher ESRI, created an interactive map that depicts where all of the “Game of Thrones” action is located.  The Map of Ice and Fire Web page includes the map with highlighted plot points and character journeys from this season.

The Ball State University Libraries’ GIS Research and Map Collection (GRMC) includes 28 high-end Lenovo ThinkCentre N58p computers equipped with ESRI ArcGIS software. Fictional maps of places like Narnia and locations in The Lord of the Rings series are also available in the GRMC.  The Educational Technology and Resources Collection offers the first three seasons of “Game of Thrones” for circulation to members of the Ball State University community.

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