Friday, June 30, 2006

July 2006 University Libraries Library Insider Article

Libraries’ Large Format Plotter in the Geospatial Center and Map Collection Used for GIS, CAD, Line Drawings, and Graphic Design

The University Libraries’ Geospatial Center and Map Collection (GCMC) on Bracken’s second floor, provides students and faculty with access to computer workstations, ESRI’s ArcGIS® and Intergraph’s GeoMedia® mapping and geospatial software, and access to geographic data sets. The Center also provides access to Autodesk’s AutoCAD® for conceptual design through drafting and detailing. Staff members are in the Center to help students and faculty to analyze, capture, manage, and display all forms of geographically referenced information or to use any of the GCMC’s 145,000 paper maps.

Using Auto-CAD detailed building plans can be imported into GIS software to assign real-world coordinates and improve site planning and modeling processes. Students and faculty print GIS, CAD, line drawings, and graphic design materials by using the Center’s large format plotter, a Hewlett Packard 1055, capable of 600 dpi color printing on 36-inch wide output. Some of the students and faculty members use these large format black-and-white or color documents at state and national conferences and for classroom presentations. Academic departments use the plotter to create informative display materials and signs. There is a small fee for printing, based on the type of paper used, ink, and maintenance costs, with revenue used to purchase replacement materials. Printing an item 36” and under is $6, with $2 incremental increases every three additional feet.

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