Friday, June 30, 2006

Top Ten Services of the Geospatial Center & Map Collection

Top Ten Services of the GCMC:

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  1. Circulates maps to anyone with a Ball State I.D. or resident/affiliate library card
  2. Provides CardCat access to maps, about 60% of which are listed in the CardCat
  3. Provides reference and information services to individuals and classes on locating and retrieving maps, atlases, and other cartographic materials, and assistance using maps for reseach
  4. Provides access to map information file of catalogs, indexes, and price lists from publishers and dealers for persons who wish to purchase or learn the price of maps
  5. Provides access to public computer stations for CardCat searches, academic research, word processing, and World Wide Web browsing
  6. Provides access to online GIS tutorials, datasets, and applications
  7. Provide access to in-house data sets and server space for individual user folders for GIS applications
  8. Provides one-on-one assistance and technical guidance for students and others requiring expert GIS assistance
  9. Provides access to eight high-end dual-monitor workstations with the leading GIS and AutoCad software
  10. Provides access to a high-end HP Large Format Color Plotter for academic endeavors of students and faculty

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