Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Going to Class with GIS

GIS in the Classroom
What can the GCMC GIS lab do for students, professors and teachers?

1) Assist in planning GIS-related assignments for individual classes.

2) Help teachers find and use reliable GIS data for an assignment or research project.

3) Assist students with GIS assignments and research.

4) Provide tutorials, both online and in-house, for self-teaching of the GIS software.

5) Provide computer space on a library server to save projects or help users set up an ilocker account for saving projects.

6) Provide access to a large format plotter for printing out maps and posters for classes, presentations, and conferences.

7) Give presentations to classes on what GIS is and how it can be used in their field of study.

Contact Angela Gibson, GIS Specialist, for more information. Check out the GCMC website for links to downloadable data and online applications, examples of how GIS is being used in different fields of study, and links to online self-guided tutorials: www.bsu.edu/library/collections/gcmc

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