Friday, December 01, 2006

November "Map of the Month"

GCMC November 2006 "Map of the Month"

The "Map of the Month" for November 2006 in the Geospatial Center & Map Collection was a map titled Spain in the Americas, published by the National Geographic Society in 1992. The verso of the map "The Grand Exchange" was displayed due to its relationship to the Thanksgiving holiday. This side of the map shows the exchange of foods and other products between the Americas and Africa and Europe. The map mentions that turkeys were domesticated by the Aztecs and later became popular in Europe. The Pilgrims actually brought turkeys to America with them--only to find them living in the wilderness of New England. And "out of the myriad crops of the Americas, two--corn and potatoes--spread so widely that they became staples of human survival."

This map is available for checkout at the Geospatial Center & Map Collection.

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