Tuesday, April 04, 2017

GIS Map of World Terrorist Attacks

Mapping Terror in the World with GIS

ESRI, the world’s leading publisher of GIS software, in conjunction with PeaceTechLab, has created an online map of the 2017 terrorist attacks.  The map uses crowdsourced data to present a chronological timeline of terrorist attacks around the world—so far the site has identified 333 attacks with 2,043 fatalities.  Only the continents of Australia and Antarctica have not recorded an incident.

The administrators of the map note that crowdsourced data can include inaccuracies and that even the definition of terrorism is subjective.  Users are encouraged to submit corrections to the map.

Users can zoom in to to learn about a specific incident on the map.  The incident information includes the specific location, the terrorist group responsible, and the number of fatalities.  Users can also choose to view the number of incidents perpetrated by individual terrorist groups like the Islamic State, Boko Haram, or the Taliban (above, click to enlarge).  And the groups are color-coded on the map.

The Ball State University Libraries GIS Research and Map Collection (GRMC) consolidates one-on-one research assistance from the GIS Specialist with the GIS Research Area, which offers access to ESRI GIS software, online tutorials, datasets, online mapping applications, and in-house GIS data.  GIS software is also available on computers throughout Bracken Library, the Architecture Library, and the Science-Health Science Library.

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