Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Live Map of World Conflicts

Mapping World Conflict Zones

Liveuamap is an open data-driven site that identifies conflicts happening in key places around the world.  Users can select a language, a list of events connected to social media, a time, or zoom in to a specific place on the map to learn about conflicts.

The categories for the maps are: Ukraine, Syria, Isis, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the world.  The conflicts are also divided by color—for example, on the map of the Ukraine (top above), blue represents the Ukrainian government, NATO, or other Western forces while red represents Russia or Russian militants.

On the map of Syria above, green represents the areas of rebel forces, and the red zones are controlled by the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, the Hezbollah, and Shiite groups from Iraq.  Users can view photographs, watch press conferences, and read tweets and other reports posted from social media.  And the conflicts also include natural disasters and incidents involving wildlife—the key for the maps is extensive.

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