Friday, July 21, 2006

GCMC Map Display

FIFA World Cup Map Display

The biggest sporting event in the world ended earlier this month. From June 9 through July 9, the world was watching football, or, in America, soccer. The World Cup Championship was held in Germany this year, and this display was created by the GCMC to commemorate the event.

The display included a National Geographic map of Germany with the sites of the venues marked, and aerial photography of three of the stadiums was presented. Also, the display featured a world map marking the countries that have played in the most matches in the final stages of the World Cup. This map was printed from, and revealed Brazil with a lead over Germany and this year's eventual winner Italy. A world map with all of the qualifying countries was also included.

National Geographic produced a map about football/soccer just in time for the World Cup, and this map completed the GCMC display. This 2006 National Geographic map presents information about the game on two sides--the game's evolution, economics, skills, and science. The map also reviewed the World Cup's "living legends" including Pele' and Zinedine Zidane.

Please contact or visit the GCMC if you would like to see this new football/soccer map or use it for a class presentation.

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