Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Special Projects in the GCMC

Summertime in the Library:
Using the GCMC Can Be an Adventure

As the temperatures and heat indexes soar outside, visiting the air-conditioned Geospatial Center & Map Collection in Bracken Library seems like a good idea. What better place to work on a project or do some research this summer?

Navid Mamaghani, Graduate Assistant in Natural Resources, recently visited the GCMC to work on a project using the GIS software available in the Center's lab. Mamaghani was working on a GIS project involving Cardinal Creek in Muncie. He took water samples from the creek and then worked in the GIS lab of the GCMC to create a GIS map showing his sampling locations. Mamaghani said he enjoyed working on the map in the GCMC because the GIS Specialist helped him with the project. "There are always some people there to help you with maps and GIS."

Mamaghani enjoys the convenience of working in the GCMC lab. "I work and study at Bracken Library, and spend most of my time there." The computers in the lab have dual monitors, which helps when using many layers in a project; the computers are fast; and the GIS software is top notch. Mamaghani even recommended the lab to another student this summer and assisted with that GIS project in the GCMC, too.

Layne Cameron, Media Relations Manager with University Communications, visits the GCMC to plan adventure trips. Cameron appreciates the variety of maps available and the helpful staff in the GCMC. Last year, Cameron completed a solo bike trip to Florida. He planned his journey using topographic maps of each state. Using the maps from the GCMC, Cameron was able to identify the campgrounds where he could stay and locate the hills that would challenge him.

This summer, Cameron is planning cycling trips to Michigan and Maine, so he headed back to the GCMC to research the treks. "One of the great aspects of planning any trip is poring over maps--invitations to adventures. I enjoy this aspect of trip planning. Whether I'm planning a camping, cycling, or kayaking trip, one of my first stops is to the Map Collection of Bracken Library." Cameron believes that the planning part of the trip is part of the adventure. "Few things in life compare to concocting an off-the-wall trek, planning and mapping it, and eventually pulling it off and making it a reality."

The map displayed above is from a pamphlet available in the Geospatial Center & Map Collection called Maine Geographic: Bicycling Maps.

The Geospatial Center & Map Collection summer hours are from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.

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