Thursday, July 06, 2006

GIS Blog Offers Information for the World

"Geography Matters" Blog Available

ESRI is one of the leading developers of GIS technology software and educational services. ESRI developed many of the software programs such as ArcGIS, ArcView, and ArcInfo available for use in the GCMC GIS lab. The ESRI Web site is a valuable resource for GIS users--both beginners and professionals. Users can learn about new software technology and products, practice online tutorials, and find out about seminars and GIS conferences worldwide.

Now ESRI has added another valuable resource to their Web site--a blog about GIS called "Geography Matters." According to ESRI, this new blog "is an opportunity for you, the GIS community, to discuss how geography and GIS can improve many facets of our lives from sustainability to education to business and economic development." The "Geography Matters" blog currently features articles discussing the use of GIS in congressional redistricting, using GIS to map the mumps outbreak in the Midwest, and an entry discussing the use of GIS in disaster planning and emergency management in New Orleans. Users are encouraged to submit entries and links to other Web sites related to GIS and geography. The ESRI "Geography Matters" blog is located at

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